paper knight

Peter Smith, the Paper Knight

paper knight

Peter Smith is a 10 year old boy who is a hero known as the Paper Knight. With his magical Paper Knight outfit and his friends, Princess Marie and Stanley Squirrel, he defends the Lyon Kingdom from the evil wizard Darkwort.

The Princess, who is 10 years old, is now one of Peter’s best friends after he rescued her from the evil wizard.  She has her mother’s adventurous spirit and is a bit of a tomboy.  Her brothers look down on her (even the younger one) and always say things like “When will you start acting like a Princess?”

Princess Marie

princess marie

Stanley Squirrel

stanley squirrel

Peter’s sidekick is a cynical talking squirrel with magical nuts (that he throws).  He obtains the magical nuts by taking them from a magical tree in the forest. After eating several nuts, he started to speak.  He used to live with Rocky the golem but he joined Peter on his quest to save Princess Marie because he wanted to explore the world.


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