paper knight

In the beginning...

It was Princess Marie’s birthday in the Lyon Kingdom.   The evil wizard Darkwort, who lives high up on the mountains, wanted nothing more than to ruin that day and all other days that follow for the inhabitants below.  During the birthday celebration, Darkwort kidnapped the princess and put a curse on the kingdom that banished all forged weapons and armor.

Peter, a young boy who had always wanted to be a knight, had an idea to save the princess and the kingdom.  He grabbed his Paper Knight costume and had it enchanted with a magical spell by his grandfather, who was once a great wizard.  With his new magical sword and armor, Peter went on his quest to rescue the princess and bring the evil wizard to justice.

On his adventure, Peter ran into a wide cast of characters who both helped and tested his abilities.  When he first reached the dark wizard’s tower, he was defeated.  Not being a quitter though, Peter decided to try again and this time he had another weapon at his disposal.  Peter’s grandfather taught him a few spells, which helped him defeat the evil wizard and return the princess to the kingdom.

Peter, the kingdom’s newest hero, is now a good friend of the princess and her family.  Peter and friends (Stanley Squirrel, the Princess, etc) often go on adventures together.

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