paper knight

Darkwort, the evil wizard


Darkwort is the evil wizard whose actions helped create the Paper Knight. He wants to control all of Forge Valley and tries to drive its residents out in order to expand his factory. He hopes to accomplish this by bringing doom and gloom to the Lyon Kingdom, destroying its happiness. His need to grow his empire is driven by his desire to get back at Peter’s grandfather, Gerald. Darkwort and Gerald have a history that goes back to the Wizard Academy.

A small evil dragon that is Darkwort’s pet.  He is really a timid creature until Darkwort turns him into a huge dragon to attack the Paper Knight.

In his small form, he can take on Stanley Squirrel and give him a good fight.  However, once he is in his large form, Stanley is no match for him and he moves onto bigger opponents.  He can then breathe fire, which can hurt the Paper Knight.

Sylvester, Darkwort's pet dragon



sylvester big

Darkwort's Henchmen

grunt 1 grunt 2
grunt 3 gorilla

Darkwort has a large army of henchmen that vary in size and appearance.

He uses a dark form of Paper Magic and casts papier-mâché spells on his victims to trap them into new monstrous bodies to do his bidding without hesitation.

Peter’s sword can cut through their paper shells, freeing the trapped victims that were encased inside.


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