paper knight


The Lyon Kingdom


            The Town and Port of the Lyon Kingdom is a very busy place, with people always coming and going.  There are always new visitors coming though town and traffic is increasing as word of the Paper Knight is spreading beyond the Kingdom.

            The Royal Castle is home to King Harold Lyon and his family.  Every hallway and every room has at least one mirror so that the King can always make sure he is looking his best.




While Darkwort’s Tower was destroyed, the ruins still remain.  No one dares venture near it fearing something may have survived the blast.

Darkwort's Tower

darkworts tower

The Bamboo Swamp

bamboo forest

The Bamboo Swamp is a mysterious place that is always covered in a fog. It is a peaceful and safe place due to its secretive protectors, the Pandas. The Pandas do not like trouble and make sure any problems are dealt with swiftly. They are the first line of defense against anything escaping from Darkwort’s Lair. They usually keep to themselves since they are not very trusting of others.


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